TB-04 Compressor Tester 壓縮機測試台

Like TB-02, TB-04 is a self-contained automotive a/c system in which contains  condenser unit & evaporator unit. Users can easily to test a compressor within minutes without recovering the full a/c system. (Please see TB02 for more information)

TB-04 integrates computer and digital sensors & gauges into TB02. These help engineers to analyze the system data easier. Anakool software helps for recording  test results into database. Printing function is also good for customer reference.

與 TB-02 一樣,TB-04 是一個獨立的汽車空調系統,其中包含冷凝器單元和蒸發器單元。 用戶可以在幾分鐘內輕鬆測試壓縮機,而無需恢復整個空調系統。 (請參閱 TB02 了解更多信息)

TB-04 內裝一台電腦與數位感知器, 這些有助於工程師更輕鬆地分析系統數據。

Anakool 軟件有助於將測試結果記錄到數據庫中。 打印功能也很好供客戶參考。